Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are we?

our team is from Europe and Afriqa and we are professional in online business for years now
you may be familliar with
this two projects are  part of our group as well and there are many of happy customers and members who
work with us and get stable earnings with us
so is the new member of our group and it will not be the last..... be sure about that:)

2. what is our vision?

we want to bring the PTC industry to the next level this site is professional plateform where both members
and advertisers are happy
so our main target is attracting you our valuable member to spend as much time as possible with us and to
invite your friends to join us as well
also our target is attracting advertisers to be our success partners by providing them with high quality
advertising at really reasonable costs which is really rare nowadays

3. How do I get paid?

once you reach .10$ you can withdraw your money and within few hours you will have your money in your wallet

4. how much can I get from referrals?

you will get paid from referrals for upto 7 levels of referrals (if upgraded, if free upto 3 levels) so imagine how much you can earn:)
from level 1 of referrals you will get paid 50% from your referrals clicks as free member and you will
get 100% from your referrals clicks as upgraded member
also you will get from your 7 levels of referrals the following commissions

free Standard members
Purchase Commission
Level 1 of referrals  1%
Level 2 of referrals  .5%
Level 3 of referrals  .5%

Upgrade Commission (cash)
Level 1 of referrals  1$
Level 2 of referrals  .5$
Level 3 of referrals  .5$

Upgraded members

Purchase Commission
Level 1 of referrals  3%
Level 2 of referrals  2%
Level 3 of referrals  1%
Level 4 of referrals  1%
Level 5 of referrals  1%
Level 6 of referrals  1%
Level 7 of referrals  1%

Upgrade Commission (cash)
Level 1 of referrals  2$
Level 2 of referrals  1$
Level 3 of referrals  1$
Level 4 of referrals  1$
Level 5 of referrals  .5$
Level 6 of referrals  .5$
Level 7 of referrals  .5$

5. What is the Difference Between Direct Referrals and Rented Referrals ?

Direct Referral is a Referral that sign up, under your referral link.
Direct referral will be your referral for all time.
Rented referral is a referral that you can rent from our Referral system pool.
Rented referrals are members like you that you can rent and work for you
You can rent  them for 30 days and extend them over and over again.
Our  referrals are humans  like  you

6. what if I still have more questions how can I talk to you?

Please feel free to talk to us at any time through our support system here
or reach on Telegram here
we will reply within few hours at any question you have and please remember we are family here so
be sure you will be happy with us:)

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